Wyatt Engineering offers an array of accessories to complement our primary flow elements for a more complete flow and control solution.  These options include:

  • Secondary Piping  An engineered pipe assembly that connects the venturi flowmeter to the D/P transmitter(s).  The assembly is designed to ensure proper alignment and ease of installation. 
  • Pressure Transmitters  Wyatt can supply virtually any brand of transmitter to be used in conjunction with our primary flow elements.  All are fully compatible with our venturi, nozzle and plate designs.  Additionally, we can supply the 3-valve manifold that is required to mount the transmitter and provides isolation for both the high and low-pressure ports. 
  • Orifice Flange Sets  We can supply flanges that include pressure taps for use with our orifice plates.  This ensures that all metering components are sized correctly and fully compatible. 
  • Flow Straighteners  For applications with limited available straightrun, Wyatt can design a flow “conditioner” to help improve the profile shape just upstream from the point of measurement.  Depending on the line size, the flow straightener is typically installed in a prefabricated meter assembly.  These include straightening vanes, tube bundles and sector plates. 
  • Condensate Pots  Some steam and vapor applications require the use a small vessel, called a condensate (or seal) pot, to help prevent condensation or foreign material from reaching the D/P transmitter and causing damage.  They are also used to protect the transmitter from a high temperature process line.  Wyatt can provide seal pots with each primary flow element, if needed.