Steam Measurement

Seven days before a scheduled start-up, a major Louisiana chemical company discovered a vital Badger steam meter that had been damaged during shutdown. Desperate to restart the plant on time, they contacted Wyatt to see if we could help.

The application was a 14″ diameter 1500# steam line that required a custom designed weld-in PMT Venturi.  Working 24/7, Wyatt partnered with plant personnel to lay out a plan to source a stainless steel forging, transport it to our facility in Oklahoma, precision machine the venturi meter, and then air freight it to the Baton Rouge airport.

With manufacturing starting late Monday, the meter left the shop Wednesday by charter flight, for installation and start-up on Friday.  What is normally a multi-week production cycle was reduced to a three-day turnaround.

To quote the customer:

“Just want to personally thank all of your team for helping us during this trying time!  I know we asked for the impossible, yet your team managed to meet the challenge.  I would like to add it was very gratifying to work with everyone and still maintain a high grade of professionalism.  Thank you all for your hard work, and please share this with your other team members!”

Whether it’s an extreme expedite, or standard delivery, you can always expect this level of service from Wyatt Engineering!


Condensate Measurement

A large energy company in Missouri experienced a failure of a 16″ insert-style venturi meter after 30 years of service in a steam condensate flow application. The meter was installed at a nuclear power plant and required immediate replacement.  Venturi meters are chosen for this type of application because of their reliability and long life, so after 30 years of reliable service, a failure was unexpected.  

Wyatt determined that the material of construction was the cause of the failure and a new approach was required.  Working through the night, Wyatt supplied the power plant the next day with an all stainless steel replacement meter, designed to the exact same performance specifications as the original one.

Based on this exceptional customer service and technical expertise, Wyatt Engineering has been selected to replace all similar meters at the various power plants.