About Wyatt

Wyatt Engineering, LLC designs, manufactures, sells and supports industry leading differential flow measurement and control products, including the highly regarded Badger Lo-LossĀ® and BVT series of Venturi meters. The Wyatt Engineering designed Liberty Venturi Meter is a unique combination of performance and flexibility.

We are committed to providing the quality support, manufacturing, research and development necessary to help you sustain your business.


On February 28, 2001, Wyatt Engineering, LLC. began the final stage of acquiring the assets of the venturi, flow tube, and differential pressure producer products from Badger Meter, Inc. Badger Meter had initiated contact with David Wyatt of Wyatt Engineering & Design, Inc., an established flow measurement and flow control consulting firm. Given Mr. Wyatt’s depth of knowledge and reputation in the field of flow measurement, as well as his contributions to and standing within ASME, ISO, and ISA, the flow measurement community has shown its confidence that Wyatt Engineering continues with the quality support, manufacturing, and R & D work that former users of Badger flow meters deserve.

Since the purchase, Wyatt Engineering has experienced tremendous growth: not only has the original Rhode Island office moved to a larger facility, but the Tulsa, Oklahoma division has moved to a larger facility as well. The new facility, based in Pryor, Oklahoma, has also expanded further since its opening. Wyatt Engineering maintains an additional office outside of Washington, D.C.

Wyatt Engineering has provided products and services through its representative network to North and South America, Europe, and Asia. In fact, since the transition, there are more personnel dedicated full-time to the success of the differential products at Wyatt Engineering than had been committed for some time, furthering the growth and development of the company. The future of these products is more secure than ever.

Wyatt Engineering has delivered flow solutions and engineering services for hundreds of applications and users. Wyatt regularly services clients and customers in the following markets: municipal water and wastewater, industrial, pharmaceutical, military, petrochemical, and energy (refineries, gas and oil transmission, and power plants). If one considers the breadth of all the projects on which Wyatt products have been used, it is obvious that Wyatt Engineering brings a depth of understanding to the flow measurement market that is unparalleled.